Keith Jarrett’s solo on “Tonight” – Somewhere.
Keith Jarrett’s solo on “Everything I Love” – Life Between The Exit Signs.

Charlie Parker’s solo on “Cherokee” – Bird On Time

Lee Konitz’s solo on “All The Things You Are” – Lennie Tristano

Mulgrew Miller’s version of “I Love You” – YouTube
Mulgrew Miller’s solo on “Skylark” – Mulgrew Miller Trio Live at the Kennedy Center Vol. 1.
Mulgrew Miller’s solo on “If I Should Lose You” – Mulgrew Miller Trio Live at the Kennedy Center Vol. 1.
Mulgrew Miller’s solo on “I Remember You” – Wingspan
Mulgrew Miller’s solo on “Mack the Knife” – It’s the Time

Taylor Eigsti’s version of “Like Someone In Love” – YouTube
Taylor Eigsti’s solo on “Play With Me” – YouTube
Taylor Eigsti’s solo on “Weak” – Gretchen Parlato Live in NYC
Taylor Eigsti’s solo on “January” – Seasons with Ben Wendel on Youtube

Baptiste Trotignon’s solo on “Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours” – YouTube

Ben Sluis’s solo on “Flying Circles” – Flying Circles

Jacob Collier’s version of “Hallelujah” – BBC
Jacob Collier’s & Nikki Yanofsky’s version of “One Day”

Bert Joris’s solo on Happy Tears – Meeting Colours

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